E-Commerce website development

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E-Commerce website development

To win in the e-commerce market, the product must be easy to use for both the client and the support staff. Customers should be able to get the necessary goods in”one click”. The second click is to compare the goods chosen with like products and to decide about the best option, while the third is to complete the payment. The information should be stored in one single place for the support staff to have immediate access and to process any order asap.

Our UI / UX engineers have extensive experience and knowledge in buyer behavior to develop an interface appropriate and effective for your product marketing. A quick and convenient search when a customer can specify the category and product attributes will allow to find a potential purchase in a couple of seconds. A shopper will immediately see just what he / she needs to make a decision and buy goods. Comparing a product chosen with like goods will not take much time as the parameters for comparison reflect all the peculiar characteristics of goods presented in the shop.

HN Techno Offers E-Commerce Services comprises:
  • online shopping cart and checkout system
  • Simple, seamless path to the checkout
  • tracking of customer
  • online purchasing behaviour
  • secure payment and privacy information
  • Customer Account Logins
  • Customer Reviews
  • Product Search
  • Automated Order Confirmations
  • Admin Area